I’m trying to overcome what I now know is an irrational fear of my own blog…I desire to write more but while contemplating something witty everything gets all jumbled in a tangled creative mess in my brain. It then seems to big and overwhelming and never gets written. Add to that technical difficulties like the one today – post finished, picture and everything, one wrong keystroke on my tablet and *poof* it’s gone – and I get discouraged and disgusted.  So I’m changing my approach…for one, I’m writing not in the blog software but in a word processor so I can easily save OFTEN. I’m also going to try to stick with simple ideas. If I have more than one in a day I’ll post more than once a day or “bank” it for the next day. With that said, on to the posting….
I last posted about the Tulip Baby Sweater I started ages ago. It’s now finished (ends woven in too!), totally adorable and I learned the pattern was written by a gal a hop skip and jump from me AND the Dream In Color yarn company is right here too! It’s inspired a hat and cocoon, using the same color change technique, to use up the leftovers. I also completed the knitting for a baby hoodie which just needs a zipper. I’m now on baby sweater number three, the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi. I think baby sweaters are the new socks for me 😉  I’m using a recycled sweater (lambswool I think, without checking the tag) in a color that reminds me of warm, yummy oatmeal (although personally I can’t stand the mushy texture of oatmeal but it looks like it should be yummy). So, as I’m knitting the garter yoke I’m not loving the feel. I now only buy nice soft wool sweaters because history shows the scratchy ones never get used so this must have felt soft in sweater form but the texture of the garter stitch isn’t holding up. I’m already contemplating a “hair conditioner rinse” before blocking or felting it a little to try to soften it up. I kept going, agains sage advice, because I have very sensitive and often dry skin. These can sometimes make the softest yarn feel scratchy. I started the stockinette part last night and I’m so glad I kept going. Today it feels delightfully soft! I knew it must have been soft before…even the bumpy garter stitch part feels softer. So The Knitmore Girls’ addage, “if you don’t like it now, you won’t like it 10 rows from now” not necessarily true this time.

My God Bless Your Stitches,